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Shaman – Melding physical and magical ability, Shamans are skilled at disrupting magic
Region: Nordaugh
Rarity: Regional

Most delicate one
Long and ever flowing robes
Has no place in cold

Nordaugh is a wild land, and this can be shown in their shamans. Mystics, wild men, Wu Jen, these wise entities are in tune with the supernatural – the arcane, the surreal, the old ways, the spirits, the woods themselves. Traditionally, tribes in the North had two leaders – a Shaman and a Barbarian. Of course, in modern times the northern cities tend to have single leaders – but if that leader is not a shaman, there’s usually one to be found. Their wisdom tends to drive their communities – the northern equivalent of a priest, or sometimes also a priest.

Melding magic and weaponry, shamans traditionally weild staff or club – and not as a walking implement nor just a channeling tool. With their wisdom behind it, their weapons hit with the force of a hundred men. Their own weaving of magic protects their tribe – opposing spellcasters find it challenging to utilize their magic when a shaman does not wish for them to do so, and they are well known for their ability to disrupt magic more directly.

And of course, many a shaman acts as a medicine man, or perhaps many a medicine man acts as a shaman.

Of course, none of a shaman’s intrinsic skills helps shield them in combat, and the perks are subtle. You’ll want to keep a sharp eye on your defenses, and otherwise focus on your normal class’s skills.


You gain one ability at level one, and a second ability every three levels.
(Two at level 3-5, Three at levels 6-8, and all four at level 9)

Arcane Strike: Sacrifice a spell slot to utilize this ability.

  • Your physical attacks deal 1d6 bonus damage, plus1d6 per 5 levels.
    • This only procs once per round per target.
    • It lasts for one round per spell slot expended.
    • It takes no action to sacrifice the spell slot.

Disrupt Magic: Disrupt hostile spellcasters near you

  • Enemy spellcasters take a -4 penalty on concentration checks
    • This is ‘within 10ft of you or in your threatened range, whichever is greater’
  • It lasts as long as you are alive, even if you are paralyzed or asleep or unaware

Dispel Magic: End magical effects

  • Can use Dispel Magic twice a minute (twice in 10 rounds).
    • Treat this as casting a spell (not as using a spell-like ability)
  • When you become level 9, this upgardes to Greater Dispel magic.
  • If you ever obtain 3rd level spells, you can spontaneously convert 3rd level spells to Dispel Magic (Or get it as a spell known if spontaneous, or get dispel psionics if psionic, yadda)
  • If you ever obtain 6th level spells, you can spontaneously convert 6th level spells to Greater Dispel magic (Same yadda)

(To emphasize, this is D&D 3.5’s dispel magic, not pathfinder’s. >_> It targets whole stacks)

Bone Shaker: Heals one target

  • Close range, heals target for level d6 healing.
  • Also, the caster gets a ‘Weakened Soul’ debuff for 3 rounds.
  • Using this ability while you have ‘Weakened Soul’ means you take all damage you heal.

Table of Contents


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