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Ma’at-Ka – These hidden spells shield power – but at a cost.
Region: Southern Expanse
Rarity: Very Rare

The sands hold secrets.

There is no way to train as a Ma’at-ka, as the secrets thereof are part of those secrets, the extremely well kept secrets of the Southern Expanse. These dark mages come and go on agendas for Queen Ibliis directly. It is said that children of the expanse who are deemed worthy tend to vanish, abruptly, in the night, never to be seen again. When they show themselves in the games, those lucky schools unerringly find themselves with a top showing.

Their abilities are said to be stronger than even that of the channeler – hitting individuals or small groups, and sometimes their dark magic clings to the the victims. In honesty, it’s not completely clear how it works, but it unerringly harms people, and it has a cost.

What that cost is – or even who pays it – is itself up in the air. Sometimes it takes a moment to gather affinity, sometimes it weakens the caster, sometimes – perhaps randomly – the magic brings its own retaliation against the caster? Or something.

Really, it’s not too clear how they work, but I’d probably be pretty careful with it.

More secrets of the sands.



  • Damage is: plus1 dice at odd levels
  • AOEs are all 10ft radius
  • All saves are reflex saves.
  • Save DC is 10 plus 1/2 level plus Mental stat of your choice
  • Select one option, and select a second option for every 3 levels.
    • Each time, also select a cost.
    • You can select the same option twice (for different costs)


  • AOE damage (d10), save for half
  • ST damage (d12), save for half
  • AOE damage (d8) & Sickened & Dazzled, save for half and no debuffs
    • (if they fail the save, cannot escalate to nausea)
  • ST damage (d10) & Sickened & Dazzled, save for half and no debuffs
    • (If they fail the save, cannot escalate to nausea)


  • Turn: Spend one turn charging, then can cast for two turns (Begins battles uncharged)
  • HP: Each time you cast, you take damage equal to (1d4plus1 / Odd Level)
  • Fragility: Upon using this ability, you gain a penalty of -10 AC, -5 to all Saves, and lose all miss chances. Other creatures get a +4 bonus to confirm critical hits against you. You also lose the benefits of invisibility, and the ability has a range of flat 30ft.
    • These penalties last until the end of your next turn.
  • Daze Chance: 25% to lose this action and your next turn (if you are or become immune to daze you cannot use this cost)

Table of Contents


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