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Galdr – Tapping into the music to which all existance dances, galdr can sway entire battlefields
Region: Nordaugh
Rarity: Very Rare

The world began with a song.
It will end with a song.

The Galdr witches are a secret society within the confines of Nordaugh. They rarely participate in the games, they rarely interact with regular people, but all but the most foolish of barbarians will treat them with respect when they do appear. Even King Orin himself must listen when the witches would speak, and they whisper of secrets none were meant to know.

A single word – and here becomes there, and each step becomes two. One phrase – and a child can swing as fiercely as an ogre. People have attempted to memorize and repeat the words that restore, that rejuvinate, that cleanse – to no avail. Indeed, in ancient history, a group of Galdr on a cliffside gave a shriek – decimating an entire army with that single tone. Magic, psionics, spells of silence, it avails you not – the world hears them, and they are their only defense.

Of course, the Galdr are not invincible. While their secrets include an unerring second sight – enabling them to evade blows artfully, and while their skills echo through the ages, they are not as direct as others. Do not ignore your more normal skills.

Once in awhile, the capabilities of a Galdr will manifest in someone not from their order. These people tend to keep this secret, lest the witches find them.

All Galdr skills are standard actions unless stated otherwise, and all have long spell range and effect everyone within (also unless stated otherwise). Unwilling targets are automatically unaffected. All skills last for 5 rounds unless otherwise stated. These skills are ‘smart-targetting’ – you will not accidentally strike an ally with a hostile effect or an enemy with a beneficial one.

You begin with two songs, and gain new songs at every third level.
(Two songs at levels 1-2, three songs at level 3-5, four songs at level 6-8, etc)

Song of Lodbrok’s Helmet: Boost target’s AC

  • All targets gain an armour bonus to AC equal to 2 plus 1/3levels.
  • Treat this as light armour for all purposes.
  • Unlike other songs, this song lasts for 10 rounds.

Fleetfoot Song: Boosts target’s movement modes

  • Movement speeds are increased by 10ft plus 10ft/3 levels.
  • Instead of boosting a target’s speed, you can cure immobilize/movement debuffs
    • (You can decide this person by person)
    • (It only cures the debuffs when the ability is used as an instantaneous effect)

Executioner’s Song: Boosts target’s damage

  • All targets deal extra damage with their attacks
  • The extra damage only procs once per target per round
  • Damage boost is: 1d4 at 3, 1d6 at level 6, and 1d12 at level 8 or higher

Krakumal: Removes target’s debuffs

  • You must select one debuff; all targets lose the same one.
  • Cures one of the following: Blinded, Confused, Cowering, Dazed, Dazzled, Exhausted, Fascinated, Fatigued, Flat-Footed(from surprise round), Frightened, Nauseated, Panicked, Paralyzed, Shaken, Sickened, Stunned, or Immobilized.
    • (It only cures the debuffs when the ability is used as an instantaneous effect)

Cry of Loss: Deals damage to all enemies within range

  • Damage is 1d4 at level 3, and increases by 1d4 per odd level after 3
  • Obviously, unwilling targets do take the full effect of this specific song. This is an exception to the ‘unwilling targets are unaffected’ rule.
  • There is no save or to-hit roll for this effect.
    • This is an instantaneous effect

Galdralag: Heals all allies within range.

  • All allies heal for 2hp/level
  • This ability can only be used once every 4th round
    • This is an instantaneous effect

Cry of War: Galdr can counter Galdr

  • This song is an immediate action
  • It is otherwise identical to a bard’s countersong, although you can use your hit dice instead of perform check if you want
  • Obviously, unwilling targets do take the full effect of this specific song. This is an exception to the ‘unwilling targets are unaffected’ rule.
  • Cry of War can counter or end any other Galdr effect
    • If doing so, the attacker rolls either level plus Chamod plus 4, or their highest perform check plus four.
    • The defender defends with either their static hit dice, or the perform check they rolled upon making the effect.
    • If rolling for the purpose of countering, you get a 4 point bonus on your countersong roll

Table of Contents


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