Crowd Knight

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Crowd Knight – The roar of the crowd is your sword and shield! Play the crowd like your fiddle.
Region: Any
Rarity: Common… although a good one can be hard to find.

There is no secret to the importance of the crowd. It is unerring – the team with the crowd on its side tends to win, even in the face of superior numbers. In addition, league officials show more favor, and offer more critical leagues, to schools who have made a name for themselves.

But some people can get the crowd cheering just by walking in. Can do even the most simple tasks, and be nearly defeaned by the shouts of excitement. Many Crowd Knights can judge what the crowd wants – and leverage that as efficiently as any other weapon. A smart leader will be sure to check with the Crowd Knight before a match – and a Crowd Knight makes an excellent leader themself.

First and foremost, a Crowd Knight is the best – by far – at gathering information… both in general, and for specifically ‘what does the crowd want’ – which is invaluable for a school’s success. They carry themselves with a sense of style – things that would already impress the crowd will do so more, while the crowd will be more willing to overlook things they’re not as fond of. Even a dodge or block can get the crowd to the edge of their seat. And when the battle seems lost – and when the stakes are at their highest – the worried chant of a child in the crowd…

Sadly, and unsurprisingly, when you catch a crowd knight out of his element in the games, he’s really a fish out of water. He needs the crowd as much as the crowd needs him.

Everywhere has their Crowd Knights – and they unsurprisingly tend to become popular very rapidly! Some Crowd Knights are more stoic, letting their spears do the talking. Others are much more gregarious – calling to the crowd and enjoying the responses.

Many league officials have noticed the response of a Crowd Knight when the crowd is sufficiently worked up or when there’s a cry of ‘No! You can’t lose!’ It’s clearly, clearly supernatural – something else is going on there. Something primal. Something to keep an eye on.


Crowd Knights gain all the following abilities.

Ear of the City: The people hold no secrets from you

  • You gain a bonus equal to your character level to Gather Information, and it becomes a class skill for you.
  • If others aid another your gather information, double the bonus they give you
  • If you are gathering information with another Crowd Knight, then both of you can roll twice and take the better of the two rolls.
    • (That is ‘instead of the bonus from aid anothering each other’)
    • (People who aid another give their bonus to ‘all crowd knights helping’)
    • (…so sure, three crowd knights can roll three times and take the best, etc)

Ridicule: You make evading attacks look good.

  • When an opponent misses you with an attack, you automatically gain favor
  • At level 5, when an opponent misses you, you can use an AOO to ‘taunt’ them which forces them to include you as a target with its next attack.
    • (Will save, DC 8 plus 1/2 your level plus your ChaMod)
    • This only works on an opponent once per fight

People’s Champion: Everybody loves you!

  • If you have fame in the city/area, you get a 2 point bonus to diplomacy
  • If you have high fame in the city/area, you get a 4 point bonus to diplomacy
    • When you are level 5, these bonii become 4 for fame or 7 for high fame.
    • When you are level 10, these bonii become 6 for fame or 10 for high fame.
  • In addition, you are less likely to lose favor for doing unfavorable actions.

For the Crowd!: And when the going gets tough…

  • Self-Removes the following statii: Blinded, Confused, Cowering, Dazed, Dazzled, Exhausted, Fascinated, Fatigued, Flat-Footed, Frightened, Nauseated, Panicked, Paralyzed, Shaken,Sickened, Stunned, and Immobilized.
  • Your AC & Saves increase by 3 (including touch AC and flat-footed AC)
  • When you fall into this state, gain 10 temporary HP
  • This auto-activates when you are below 1/8th of your max HP, or when the Crowd Bonus is very high.

Table of Contents

Crowd Knight

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