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Commander – Bolster your troops from the front lines. Works best when commanding Soldiers or Wolves.
Region: Imperia
Rarity: Regional

The armies of imperia would remain stalled if not for their commanders. Even now, long after the war, commanders still lead their schools into battle. The battlefield is their plaything; perhaps they are maestros of combat itself. It is through the commanders that Imperia’s armies rolled into battle; it is the commanders who see the things that others tend not to; and in fact, the games themselves were created by a commander.

Commanders lead, generally from the front as their abilities don’t have the best range. While they rely on their standard skills to get them by, a well timed shout can move your whole school into position, a rally can call upon strength units didn’t know they had, a good swing can grant an opening for your allies to attack, and several other effects reside in your potential toolkit. Be sure to move people about the battlefield as the situation calls for it.

Of course, all of these except rally are standard actions, so they do eat up your turn. Don’t forget your regular class abilities, as they’re probably more directly potent.

Commanders tend to lead from the front – and thus tend to be martial classes. Some commanders have their own buffing skill (such as a bard, marshal, or tactician) while others simply use their commander skills as their support, and are otherwise physical units (Such as an Aegis, Psychic Warrior, or Fighter).

While the idea of Imperia’s regimented army is slowly growing on the other nations, you really only find this kind of coherency in the empire at the moment. Many existant commanders are constantly on the lookout to people who have the knack for command – and it’s always surprising where the knack pops up.


You gain one of these abilities, and another per three character levels.
(Thus, you start the game with two, as the game starts at level 3)

Ability Choices: Motivate, Reprimand, Impel, Spur, Rally, Shield Formation, Coordinated Attack

Motivate: Boost target’s damage

  • Target’s damage increases by 1d6 (plus 1d6/5 levels)
    • This damage only happens once/round/target
    • (1d6 from 1-4, 2d6 from 5-9, 3d6 from 10-14)
  • - Soldiers can also reroll their damage dice 1/round, but must accept the reroll

Reprimand: Cures target’s debuffs

  • Cures one of the following: Blinded, Confused, Cowering, Dazed, Dazzled, Exhausted, Fascinated, Fatigued, Flat-Footed(from surprise round), Frightened, Nauseated, Panicked, Paralyzed, Shaken, Sickened, Stunned, or Immobilized.
  • - Used on a soldier or wolf cures two of the above rather than one.

Impel: Grants targets a free move action right now

  • Targets 1 person (plus1 per 3 levels).
    • (2 people from level 3, 3 people from level 6, 4 people from level 9)
  • Soldiers and Wolves do not count towards the limit (They are free to target)
  • Must be used to move, control a mount, draw/sheathe a weapon, load a crossbow, open a door, dis/mount, sheathe a weapon, stand from prone, retrieve a stored item, fall prone, or to cease concentration on a spell.
    • Ask the DM to use it for other things, but it’s not meant to be used to, say, ‘attack w/flaming sphere’.

Spur: Grants targets a 1 point bonus to hit, plus 1 more per 5 levels.

  • Bonus Granted is: (1 at level 1-4, 2 at level 5-9, 3 at level 10-14)
  • Targets 1 person at first, and an additional person per 3 levels.
    • (2 people from level 3, 3 people from level 6, 4 people from level 9)
  • - Soldiers and Wolves do not count towards the limit (They are free to target)

Rally: Heals one target

  • This is a swift action. It has long range, but target must be able to hear you
  • Heals a target who is below half their max HP for level d6
    • (And you may reroll all 1s once)
  • This also ends all fear, mind control, and confusion type effects on the target.
    • You can only target a character once a combat (5 minutes out of combat)
    • If you target a soldier or wolf, you can heal them regardless of their current HP

Shield Formation: Defends adjacent allies.

  • As a standard action, you gain the bodyguard feat for 10 rounds (1 minute)
    • If you already have that feat, you also get the ‘In Harms way’ feat
  • At level 9, you also get the ‘In Harms Way’ feat
    • If you have both, you can swap places with the target of the atack
  • If you target a soldier with either feat, it doesn’t cost you an AOO

Coordinated Attack: Grant openings when you strike a foe

  • As a standard action, make a melee attack against one enemy. If you hit, one ally of your choice who threatens that enemy can attack them.
  • When you are level 9, all allies who threaten that enemy can make the attack
  • If a soldier or wolf is the beneficiary of the bonus attack, you don’t have to hit.

Table of Contents


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