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Channeler – Channel the might of the Affinity gods – striking small areas with elemental might
Region: Imperia
Rarity: Uncommon

‘Never forget the promise’

The order of the Channeler is one of the strongest groups in imperia – it probably predates the creation of imperia itself. Weilding Earth, Air, Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Water, a channeler directly calls upon the might of the elements themselves.

Even when divine magic stopped working, channelers continued to be able to utilize their abilities… although they became considerably more rare and reclusive than they usually are. People generally see them as traveling priests – and indeed, they are a bit of a priestly order. Said order is focused in imperia, although their tasks are a bit elusive and sometimes take them to other regions, or even into various schools.

Channelers manipulate the elements of the affinity gods – calling raw elemental damage in its purest form. The particular element changes the results a bit – a burst of disorienting wind is different from a barrage of chilling cold is different from a two-prong chain of lightning.

Most channelers, like most priests, are shugenja. Those who aren’t tend towards other spellcasting classes – divine, arcane, or psionic.

All in all, however, drawing on the raw elements themselves aren’t as potent as actually casting spells at things. They’re nifty side options, but your regular spells are the main event.

The organization of the Channelers is deep rooted, very focal, and very secretive. They’re helpful, and were very actively participants in the Great War, so there’s no real qualms there. But well… what are they up to? What is the organization for?



  • Damage is one dice, and you add an extra dice at every odd level.
  • AOEs are all 10ft radius
  • All abilities have close spell range.
  • All saves are reflex (unless otherwise stated), and do no status and half damage on a successful save.
  • Save DC is 10 plus 1/2 level plus Mental stat of your choice
  • Select one element, and select a second element every 3 levels.
  • At level 10, get all the elements.

Fire (AOE fire Damage) (Dice are d6s)

  • You can instead use this to light a ready flammable object (lantern/torch)
  • You can also use this to warm 1 pound of nonliving material (Food/drink)

Air (AOE piercing Damage & Short range Teleport) (Dice are d4s)

  • You force the target to teleport 5ft plus 5ft / 2 levels
  • (5ft at level 1-2, 10ft at level 3-4, 15ft at level 5-6)
  • You can elect to not do damage with this attack if you’d rather not
  • Water (AOE slashing Damage, fortitude save) (dice are d6s)
    • You can instead use this to dampen something
    • You can also use this to create about half a glass worth of water

    Earth (AOE bludgeoning Damage and reduce movement by 20ft[Min 10]) (Dice are d4s)

    • You can instead use this to cause or remove dust or sand from a creature
    • If a target ingests a small handful of dirt or sand, you can use it to detect/sense poison or disease from within the target

    Ice (AOE cold Damage & Freeze, once) (Dice are d4s)

    • A frozen target cannot take any actions next turn, including mental ones.
    • You can only freeze a target successfully once per match.
    • You can also use this to chill 1 pound of nonliving material (food/drink)

    Lightning (ST electric Damage & ST electric Damage second targets) (Dice are d6s)

    • Secondary targets are base one, with an extra one per four levels. They take the same damage as the primary target.
      • (One at levels 1-3, two at level 4-7, three at levels 8-11, etc)
    • You can also use this to do no damage, but to cause a harmless static shock
    • (This is enough to wake someone sleeping, but not to disrupt spellcasting)

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