On Borrowed Time

A D&D 3.5/Pathfinder Game

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My grandfather once told me of a time before the Great War.

A time when there were great advances to our lands. Not a time of peace – have Imperia and Nordaugh ever gotten along? – but a time when the people of Inkaba would live or die on their own merits alone.

A time before The Games.

But I have never known such a time. All I have ever known is war – born into the Great War, born a soldier, a warrior. Even I see The Games as a welcome respite – one where less of our children are killed in futile charges and worthless maneuvers. Where the young can improve and grow, as we the old simply watch.

…To think that there would have come a day where a man could find themselves dancing for the amusement of a God and happily embrace their fate as a pawn, living on borrowed time alone, unsure what the dawn will bring.

…what will this mean, for the world I leave behind, when my time comes?


Welcome to the information website for ‘On Borrowed Time’!
The game will be held at the Armchair Adventurer on Tuesdays, starting between 6:00-6:30pm.

It is a D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder game, leaning much more heavily Pathfinder. If you’ve never played Pathfinder – or never played any RPG at all – this is a great time to learn! We’re very friendly people and are more than willing to help new players.

The game (ideally) will be /somewhat/ episodic, but with a much larger plot as the framework thereof. This will make it easier for people to jump in and out as necessary.

If you would like additional information about the game, or would like to join, please e-mail me at silencethemystic@yahoo.com for more help – whether it’s help making a character or just a question.

For new players: I can absolutely help walk you through creating a character, or you can use one of the pre built characters that I will provide.

For older players: Try not to make this an optimization haven, haha – but you can of course create your own character! Information on how to do so is provided below. However, I do need a little time to review new characters, so if you just walk in wanting to play, you’ll have to play a pregen for that particular afternoon (and can pick up your regular character afterwards).

So! Let’s game to the information!



Quick Game Information:
Starting level: 3

Growth Speed: Slow. We’re not using experience, and expect to spend some time at each level. Also expect a lot of horizontal growth, though, so it won’t be forever without getting something new.

Game style: Fairly linear, although it will open up a little as the game progresses

Traps: Nope! At least not in the conventional types. Or perhaps more accurately: You don’t need a trapfinder in specific in the party.
While on that subject: You also do not need a healer in the party.

Unusual Feature: Everyone selects a Specialization upon starting the game. They are listed above.

Expected Wealth Gain: Should be above wealth per level. How much so will vary a bit.

Power Level: The goal is to keep this down. Optimizers, aim low! Munchkins, go away, haha.

Additional Contact Information:

Armchair Adventurer: http://the-armchair-adventurer.com/
(Location wise, it’s at Dole Cannery)

My E-mail: silencethemystic@yahoo.com

On Borrowed Time